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Life story
April 30, 2009
Born on April 30, 2009.
January 10, 2010
We first saw Lana at the Skibo Petsmart where The Haven Friends for Life No-Kill Shelter had her listed for adoption.  They called her "Icee" and even then she was extremely lively and friendly.  I saw she had the same birthday as I did.  She was also similar in size and age to my other kitty so I asked my husband to get her for me as a Valentine's Day present. I even bartered a bit telling him he could buy himself that crazy big television if he'd let me have that cat.  He was hesitant and I had no idea he would actually bring her home.  

One day I was cleaning up the bedroom when he came in and shut the bedroom door.  Behind his back, he had a pet carrier and inside was little Icee.  She is the best present I have ever received.  (Might I also add, my husband got his crazy-big TV too).

I named her Lana after the beautiful movie star Lana Turner.  

After a couple of weeks of being separated from our other cat Sasha and after getting the good health green light from the vet, Lana got to meet Sasha for the first time without cages and doors in the way.  They started zooming around the house chasing each other.  I thought they would never stop running!

Like any brother and sister, they were a bit jealous of each other and had a love/hate relationship.  Sasha willingly allowed Lana my office, but she insisted that she share all the rest of the house with him.....there was no sleeping spot he could find that she would not eventually try to steal away.  She also liked to help herself to his food.  He'd always leave a little something in the bowl to come back for later, but Lana was not having that.  She was a devout member of the clean-plate club.

Our little baby got her wings  on Thursday, February 8, 2018.  Three local vets had seen her but were unsure of what was making her so sick.  We finally got her in to see a specialist at NC State Vet Hospital.  She rode in the backseat with me--lying on one of her cuddly blankets and a pillow.  She slept the whole way there.   She crossed the Rainbow Bridge the very next day.  It broke our hearts.  God did answer our prayers though--I prayed that she would be able to pass away at home and not in the office of a vet which she had come to despise. She died in our living room on her favorite pillow and blanket in the little kitty hut she used to convalesce.  

She was buried at Grant Memorial Pet Cemetary in Bennettsville, SC.  My mothers cats, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser attended as her body made its way to the cemetary.
February 8, 2018
Passed away on February 8, 2018.